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 Step Three - Pass Plus


Now that you have passed your driving test you may think that's the end of it but as with any new skill it can be developed further. As a new driver you have relatively little driving experience and the Pass Plus course was developed to cover aspects of driving not covered in the driving test and to enable you to build on your newly aquired driving skills. Thereby reducing the risk of having an accident within the first two years. 

 The voluntary course of six modules covers the following and lasts for a minimum of six hours:-

• All Weather Driving

• Town Driving

• Out of Town & Rural Roads

• Night Driving

• Motorways

• Dual Carriageways


There is no exam to take at the end but you are presented with a certificate on successful completion of the course .

You should finish the course with a much more positive approach to driving and if you complete Pass Plus within a year of passing your driving test you are entitled to an insurance discount with one of the companies participating in the scheme. The amount varies but some companies offer as much as 20% which far out weighs the cost of taking the course.

As Richard is a member of the Hamshire County Council Pass Plus scheme eligible pupils taking Pass Plus with RSM are entitled to a £75 contribution from Hampshire Council towards to cost of the course.  Terms and conditions apply.

It needn't end there either you can move onto the next level by taking further training, leading to an advanced driving test.






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